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Judy is an accomplished pastelist

She calls her style interpretive realism and whether portraiture or
landscape, they are skillfully executed with a dedication to detail,
vibrant use of color and appealing composition.

Her subject matter is what she knows, understands and
what moves her, which makes it very personal.

Her style is her own, coming from years of commitment and
perseverance which stems from a deep love of the work.

She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America.
George & Rae
“George & Rae”
Finalist in Pastel Journalís
First Annual Pastel 100, 2000
Jewels for a Queen
“Jewels for a Queen”
Best of Show, 1992
Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

"The Sweet Ones"
Recipient of the Pastel Society of America's 36th Annual International Juried Exhibition, 2008, Florence S Prisant Award to honor Flora B Giffuni

Lavender Bench
“Lavender Bench”
Finalist in Pastel Journalís
Fifth Annual Pastel 100, 2004

The Sentry
“The Sentry”
Finalist in Pastel Journalís
Third Annual Pastel 100, 2002
Fuzzy Face
2006 Pastel Society of the West Coast
Recipient of the Daler-Rowney Award
Old Yella Belly
Northwest Pastel Society
2006 Clymer Museum Exhibit
Recipient of People's Choice Award
Pasture Dudes
“Pasture Dudes”
Finalist in Pastel Journalís
Fourth Annual Pastel 100, 2003