Whether in pastels or bronze, Judy is very much at home in the world of portraiture. She was a commissioned pastel portrait artist for many years before deciding to create gallery art just for the love of it. Recently, though, her sculpture has taken its own direction and become portraits, as well. For example, “Balancing Act” was commissioned by a couple to commemorate their granddaughters and was sculpted in their image.
Percent for the Arts Commissions
9 Available
Helping Hand
“Helping Hand”
Balancing Act
“Balancing Act”
Private Commission
6 Available

“Helping Hand” started out as being a tribute in general to firefighters but evolved into becoming a specific portrait
of one man from the station who passed away. These and other pieces became more special to Judy as she
worked and they took on a life of their own, touching those who knew them.

For Judy, portraiture comes easily and is especially satisfying
whether in bronze or pastels
Children of the Sun
“Children of the Sun”
Silence all Around
“Silence all Around”
"Leave Me Alone"

"I Said Ball, Not Doll".

Nashville Dreams