A Giclee, pronounced (zhee-CLAY), is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer. Giclees are produced from digital scans of existing artwork. Colors in a Giclee print are so vibrant and true that it is often mistaken for the original artwork. Tests have shown that these prints have a lightfast expectancy of 100-200 years.

The latest Giclees from original oils painted on galvanized steel.

Good Old Gals
“Good Old Gals”
These old girls have been around warming our hearts and sharing
our lives for generations. Old fashioned and easy going, these
heirlooms are always a joy to see -

not unlike a favorite grandmother.


Shades of White
“Shades of White”
Elegant in it's simplicity but complex when one
views the inner beauty of a simple white rose.
The subtle variations of delicate pastel shades
somewhat mimics the human personality - even though
at first glance one may seem plain or simple, it's
the unveiling of what's hidden on first sight that
can bring us to our knees.

So worth looking deeper.

Group Hug
“Group Hug”
Feminine mysticism.
A group of friends gathering together.
Laughing, talking, sharing news, advice, joys and sorrows,
and of course, hugging.
One of life's sweetest gifts.

Gotta love it!

Unidentical Twins
“Unidentical Twins”
It's our differences that identify us as unique.
What a blessing - viva la difference!

Sunshine on my Shoulders
“Sunshine on my Shoulders”
(Makes me Happy)

Every living thing with hearts or roots have blossomed
and thrived with the warmth of nature's most
beautiful gift - the sun.

I miss John.

Let's Call Her Lily
“Let's Call Her Lily”
Many faceted, fascinating, free spirited and beguiling.

Oh, to be named Lily.....

Nearest Neighbor
“Nearest Neighbor”
20 X 20

Isn't much for conversation or
sharing a cup of coffee, but a
sweetie none the less....


These Giclees are from original pastels.

"Fuzzy Face"
14 x 19
edition of 35
signed, numbered
"Rural Landscape"
6 1/2 x 14
edition of 35
Signed, numbered
"Georg and Rae"
18 x 24
edition of 25
"Eola Hills"
6 1/2 x 13
edition of 35
signed, numbered
"Totally Entitled"
7 x 18
edition of 35
signed, numbered