After years of pastel portraiture, it seemed a natural
progression for Judy to move to realistic figurative
sculpture. From the first time she worked the clay,
she felt she had come home. Still, to this day, she
feels itís way too much fun to be called work.

Initially, Judy creates the piece in clay in her studio.
Once complete, it is usually cut into pieces and
transported to the foundry where the mold is made
and the lost wax process commences, ending
with a bronze casting.

Annieís Outing
“Annieís Outing”
Commissioned By Weyerhaeuser
8 Available
The Gatherer
“The Gatherer”
garden art
6 Available

Helping Hand
“Helping Hand”
Percent for the Arts Commission
9 Available
Balancing Act
“Balancing Act”
Individual Commission
6 Available
"Freedom Isn't Free"

Shown here in Judy's studio is the Afghan-Iraqi Freedom War Memorial
in clay form.